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Name Department E-Mail*
Jennifer Freedle Paralegal for Real Estate and Business Organizations
David C. Hicks Attorney  for Real Estate, Mortgage Foreclosures, Collections, Contracts and Business Organizations
Lynn Howard Paralegal for Civil Litigation, Collections and Homeowner’s Associations
Bridget Hucks Office Manager, Title Policies
Patricia Link Certified Public Accountant and Paralegal for Estate Planning and Probate
Danny MacDonald Attorney for Civil Litigation, Mortgage Foreclosures, Collections, Eminent Domain and Severe Personal Injury
Susan Petersen Paralegal for Civil Litigation, Mortgage Foreclosures and Collections
Connie Rawls Paralegal for Real Estate, Mortgage Foreclosures, Eminent Domain and Business Organizations
H.T. Rice, III Attorney for Estate Planning and Probate, Business Organizations, Civil Litigation and Real Estate

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